About Us

Who are we?

I am Michelle and I am the owner and founder of Wild Earth Eco, which was once known as The Wild Earth Hamper Co. (TWEHC for short!). The idea of creating TWEHC was born in 2012 after my newborn daughter developed a reaction to commercially available skincare products. After much trial and error, it was only after I started using organic skincare products did I notice that her skin was no longer red, dry and flakey.  

​After the issues we encountered with my daughter's skincare regime, I started to think more seriously about what I was putting into, and onto, her body.  She was so new and 'pure' that I didn't want to bombard her with chemicals and toxins.   I was always a bit of a 'greeny' and so I decided to turn my attention more seriously to living organically and greener.

I also wanted to share some of my favourite products with others and give people the opportunity to choose eco-friendly gift hampers which would make as little environmental impact as possible. In 2013 I turned my idea into reality and launched online store TWEHC so I could give everyone across Australia access to these beautiful gift baskets.

In late 2016 I decided to expand the business to include an online store which allowed the purchase of natural and organic products, as well as hampers. As such, our name changed to Wild Earth Eco. Our unique selling point is that nearly all items on our site are Australian owned, grown and/or manufactured. 

Our philosophy

At Wild Earth Eco, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality, luxurious eco-friendly products, gifts and hampers. We believe that you can still have beautifully sumptuous products without compromising the environment. Our aim is to have at least 90% of our products and packaging made from materials which are: ​
  • natural;
  • organic;
  • recycled;
  • biodegradable; and/or
  • sustainable
Sourcing the vast majority of products from Australian producers and manufacturers, we reduce the need to import products and thus reduce our contribution to environmental pollution through shipping channels. We also get to support great Australian businesses; both big and small.

Environmental awareness

We are very conscious of the impact many products and processes  have on our environment.  At Wild Earth Eco, we aim to reduce our affect on the environment by adopting the following policies:
  • Our gift and business cards and hamper information cards  are printed on 100% recycled board;
  • We use 100% recycled paper in our office;
  • Filler used in our hampers is made from corn starch and is 100% biodegradable;
  • All gift boxes use between 70-100% recycled materials;
  • The woodwool occasionally used in hampers is produced from plantation timber and timber not suitable for milling;
  • The jute ribbon used to decorate hamper boxes is 100% biodegradable;
  • We reuse, where possible, packaging materials and boxes;
  • We aim to use suppliers who make eco-friendly choices with regards to their packaging;
  • We aim to source the majority of our products from Australian manufacturers and/or suppliers

Support fair trade

Protecting and supporting fair trade practices is of paramount importance to us. In an age of mass consumerism, we want to ensure that the products we use in our hampers are ethically sourced wherever possible.  It is really giving back to the 'little people'; the ones often forgotten in trade and commerce. That's why; at Wild Earth Eco, we love to use products which support fair trade communities. For example, the cocao used in all Organic Times chocolates is purchased through the Hand-in-Hand fair trade system. This system builds long-term and direct partnerships with suppliers, and offers fair prices and wages, healthy and safe working conditions.

Why organic

The term 'organic' usually refers to something that has been grown or produced without the use of artificial ingredients, preservatives, pesticides, fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics or irradiation.​People have different reasons as to why they choose the organic route. Most tend to choose organic products because they want to reduce the amount of chemicals and artificial processes they are exposed to. Since the end of World War II, more than 72,000 synthetic chemicals have been developed and a fair proportion of these are used in everyday products such as food, skincare and cleaning products.​It is because of this that we have worked extremely hard to ensure that many of the products found in our online store and hampers are certified organic or made with certified organic ingredients.