Organic Sweet Treats

Calling all chocoholics!

Enjoy some organic sweet treats without feeling (so) guilty! We have a great range of delicious organic chocolate and cookies to please any palate.

If you're a lover of white chocolate, try some white chocolate and macadamia cookies - they melt in your mouth and taste deeeee-licious!

Dark chocolate lovers will enjoy the choc coated ginger, with both the chocolate and ginger being organic! Or perhaps you're more a licorice or coffee bean fan? 

An all time favourite here at Wild Earth Eco is the milk chocolate coated almonds. We can't get enough of them and when we succumb and open a packet, they don't last very long!

These goodies also make great gifts, so if you know someone who loves organic chocolate, make sure you grab them a pack......on the proviso that they share of course!